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Синдром Мэллори — Вейса — что это такое? Так медики называют продольную трещину, появляющуюся на слизистом слое желудка. Такая патология .

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Mallory-Weiss tear, associated with vomiting, is a tear of the gastroesophageal junction. It is a potentially fatal complication of bulimia nervosa.

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Mallory–Weiss syndrome or gastro-esophageal laceration syndrome refers to bleeding from a laceration in the mucosa at the junction of the stomach and .

10 Iun 2008 Sindromul Mallory Weiss reprezinta totalitatea semnelor si Mallory- Weiss este un sindrom asociat consumului de alcool - limitarea ingestiei .

Jun 27, 2016 In 1929, Kenneth Mallory and Soma Weiss first described a syndrome characterized by esophageal bleeding caused by a mucosal tear in the .